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martin patrick evan los angeles LA showroom custom rug carpet



Martin Patrick Evan’s founders bring you more than four decades of accumulated expertise in the industry. Our partners and representatives are rug designers with a solid understanding of historic periods as well as modern and contemporary styles. Their salesmanship offers product knowledge, insightful design and coloration abilities. 

With thousands of projects on the floor, our track record with high-end custom rugs and carpets is extensive and equal to none. For both corporate and residential projects, whether your needs are minimal or complex, we have the ability and expertise to provide the pièce de résistance that will bring a room together. 

Inspiration for Martin Patrick Evan rugs and carpets comes from all that surrounds us. Our senses are constantly bombarded by colors, patterns and textures when we experience fashion, art, travel, or simply from our daily existence. Our firm commitment to the finest materials, service, and fabrication standards is of the highest rank. 

It is easy to stand by our products because they are created with proven and tested materials, most advanced workmanship, ecological consideration, and precise execution. Services include renderings and samples for approval at the inception of a project, as well as crated shipping and supervised installation. These unique services are standardized to make your participation in the process effortless. The result is a work of art that will bring the end-user many years of pleasure.


Our rugs and carpets are available in a rare abundance of constructions and weaving techniques including hand-tufted, machine-tufted, hand-knotted wovens, needlepoints and leather rugs. We make it possible to have a cohesive and unified design feeling throughout the various areas of your project while using completely different types of weaves and textures, all from the same custom house. Luxurious materials range from the traditional worsted wool and lustrous silk to exciting fibers such as linen, cashmere, mohair, leather and chenille.

Our custom weaves and designs are innovative and timeless. Our constant research and development allows us to offer you an endless array of opulent materials, weaves, and colors. You can rely on our expertise in customizing any design, color, size or shape for any area rug, wall-to-wall carpet, or stair runners.


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