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Sherry Netherland Refresh

This past week, we found ourselves at the Sherry Netherland Hotel, a historic landmark built in 1927.

Sherry Netherland Hotel 2023 gets new rugs for fall 2023

This iconic building is adorned with intricate Romanesque and Gothic revival architectural styles that were popular during the era of its construction.

Each autumn, the hotel warms up its lobby with custom-designed rugs, and recently, The Sherry Netherland asked Martin Patrick Evan to recreate and produce new rugs, as the original manufacturer had ceased operations.

Our team quickly got to work on the project by meticulously measuring various elements, selecting appropriate colors, determining sizes, and ensuring matches in quality. Our artist expertly rendered these details in preparation for production.

Sherry Netherland Hotel 2023 New rugs - color selection
Sherry Netherland Hotel 2023 New Rug Illustrator rendering

This week, we were on-site for the installation phase. After laying the pads, careful attention is given to ensure perfect alignment of the rugs as their decorative medallions match up with the ceiling motifs, which are not symmetrical.

In addition to the lobby rugs, we were also responsible for crafting carpets for the elegantly detailed elevator cabs.

A newly installed custom rug in Sherry Netherland Hotel elevators Martin Patrick Evan

The installation process involves bringing in the carpet piece and securing it to the underlying tack strip using a carpet knee kicker. Once the positioning is complete, any excess material is trimmed, and the edges are neatly tucked in to ensure a seamless and precise fit.

With these installations completed, the Sherry Netherlands Hotel's splendid lobby is now warmed up, and prepared to welcome the upcoming winter months in style.



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