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Summit Collection: Where Craftsmanship Meets Abstract Art

Martin Patrick Evan presents The Summit Collection – a fusion of contemporary abstract design and unparalleled artisanal skill, brought to life in the form of beautifully hand-knotted rugs.

A new designer rug by Martin Patrick Evan

The design is meticulously woven with 120 knots per inch in a delicious combination of alpaca and silk in the backdrop, while wool and silk dance across the patterned design.

A custom color rug from Martin Patrick Evan custom carpets and rugs

A design pattern of the Summit collection by Martin Patrick Evan custom carpets and rugs

The collection boasts a palette of 24 carefully chosen colors that sets these rugs apart with an intricate interplay of color-twist combinations resulting in a dynamic visual.

Our carpets and rugs are not just art pieces; they are customizable masterpieces designed to fit seamlessly into your world. Choose from an array of sizes, scales, and colors, allowing you to curate a piece that resonates perfectly with your surroundings!

A newly installed custom rug in New York from Martin Patrick Evan

Visit our showroom or browse online to find a moment of inspiration at

Martin Patrick Evan


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